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i am a School

RoboChamps has customized curriculums for all the age groups / classes-
Class 1
st – Class 3rd
Class 4th- Class 5
Class 6
th – Class 7th
Class 8
th– Class 9th

No, there are no charges for setting up lab in schools. Worry Not! RoboChamps sets up the lab in your school hassle free in few days.

Yes. However, RoboChamps works in two ways:-

RoboChamps provides its own trainers to your school.

RoboChamps also trains the school teachers to make them professional.

Yes, RoboChamps annually organize different competitions.
City Level Competitions
State Level Competitions
National Level Competitions

RoboChamps even prepares the students of the school for the competitions.

No! Phew… Labs can be set up as per your space availability. We proffer 3 models of lab for you to choose from.

  1. Individual Labs
    (Build your own Lab)

Encompass a Robotic Lab in your school to indulge the students into Robotics and Technology. We will provide you with all the necessary equipments and materials.

  1. Mobile Labs
    (No space? No worries)

You will be provided with a Mobile Lab where the labs will be brought to the students. We provide the requisite equipments for the day in a trolley.

  1. Merged Labs
    (Merge all Science Labs with Robotics)
    You can merge your Science Labs( Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with Robotics Lab with minimal are to educate your students in Robotics and Technologies.

i am a franchise

Nope! There are no investments required as you get abundant revenue and returns in the first month itself.

100% Surety of Returns! Within the first month itself, you gain good returns and revenue. RoboChamps brings in the admissions for you with its marketing team efforts.

RoboChamps will handle the marketing part and bringing in the students for admissions! You will be supported 100% by us.

RoboChamps has its own skillful trainers to train the students in the respective centers.

RoboChamps believes in “Exclusivity”; they consider all the franchisee as our own branch! Therefore, we ensure a particular radius for giving franchisees.

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