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ROBOTREK is a first-of-its-kind scholarship examination targeted to bring Hands-on-Practice. The test has been designed to ensure that opportunities to learn in a more practical oriented environment are offered to the kids. Unlike any other entry-level scholarship tests, Robotrek involves practical activities that sufficiently evaluate a student’s aptitude for Robotics Education.

Eligible age group for the Scholarship Examination

Class: 3rd Grade to 10th Grade

Age : 6-16yrs

Robotrek Scholarship Test Pattern

Robotics Training Session

A Proper and Detailed Training on Robotics Test with the Robotics Kit and hands-on-Practice. It will be a 1 hour Session for the kids where they will be taught all about the robotics and its functioning. 

Objective MCQ Test

On the basis of the Training, a Multiple Question Test will be conducted for the Students. This Student will determine the Winners of the Scholarships.

Creativity Session

After the MCQ test, there will be a creativity session for an hour, where the candidates will learn from their mistakes and even build a Robot themselves.

Scholarship Examination levels


For classes 3rd to 7th


 For classes 8th to 10th


  • Develop Programming Skills
  • Induce Creative Training
  • Develop Diverse Skills
  • Engagement to Learning
  • Problem Solving & Training
  • A start to new Innovative Ideas
  • Exposure to Progressive Technology
  • Make You Future Ready





What are the Scholarship Rewards?

Robotrek Scholar: The winner of the scholarship test will be entitled to a 100% Scholarship for the Robochamps Transformation Lab. The winner will also be awarded a Tablet.

1st Runner Up

The 1st Runner up shall be entitled to 50% scholarship for the Robochamps Transformation Lab.

2nd Runner Up

The 2nd Runner up shall be entitled to 25% scholarship for the Robochamps Transformation Lab.

*In addition, a stipulated number of participants will be awarded a 10% scholarship for the Robochamps Transformation Lab.

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