Summer Camps on Robotics

Summer Camps on Robotics

What can be more interesting than Robotics?

We have now landed into an era where everything is digitalized and grown compact than ever before. You can now perform multiple tasks in with one single device! Isn’t it amazing? How far have we come from the classical tools to machines!

Robots and Mechanical Toys have always fascinated children! They even love building or at times dismantling them to rebuild themselves! And we love our kids!

Robochamps has come up with “Summer Camps on Robotics”. We thought that this hot summer let’s teach and spread the knowledge of Robotics and Technology among the children. Let us make them utilize the summer in the most productive way to make them future-ready with real-time experience and practical knowledge.

The Summer Camps on Robotics includes training programs for the children to teach them about Robotics with a complete hands-on Practice. The kids will have a fun and unique experience in such camps.

The Camp has no theoretical rules or books to follow, just logic and Hands-on Education. The Camp is ideal for kids from age 7 yrs to 16 years. If kids are taught at their formative and early stages, they can develop more skills and knowledge for Robotics and Technologies. Let’s check out the benefits your child will gain from the Robotics Summer Camp: –

Fun and Interactive Learning

Amongst all the budding engineers and robots and machines, a child will have fun when dealing to build one Robot by his own self. Kids are active and quite constructive at their earlier stages! With all the practical teachings, and self tried Robot Building, the child will be continuously interacting with the machines. Hence, apart from being a knowledgeable camp, it will be fun and entertaining, where children would work on Live Projects.

Beating the heat of the Summer’19

What can be better to spend your summer holidays by educating with some future-needed technology? Let your child learn Robotics and Technologies with ease on his own time! With all the video tutorials and materials in hand, they can build their Bot without any strict guidance.

Gaining Mechanical & Electrical Knowledge

 Books are outdated and not worthy anymore as compared to the practical knowledge or the real-time experience, one possesses. So, why not prepare our child for the advancing future consisting mainly of machines and technologies.

Development of Diverse Skills

Children at the formative stages are easy to shape and cast into a wonderful upshot. Inculcating such robotic skills among the children would bring out the diverse other skills like technical skills, mechanical skills, etc. These skills will be beneficial in the future as an adult.

Summer Camps would be ideal for kids looking for a more fruitful way of spending a vacation. Indulging them in such productive and constructive events will lead to their bright future. It’s not impossible! We have witnessed kids who have touched sky with their skills and innovation at a mere age of 5years! See! Similarly, it’s not impossible for your child to become the next Expert in Robotics at an early age!

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