About us

Robochamps was founded with a vision of transforming the education regime by exposing students to practical and hands-on-learning. It aims to strengthen the future of our young minds by incorporating logic-based learning as an integral part during the very initial years of their lives. We are dedicated to encourage the use of Artificial Intelligence in the classroom to impart a real time experience. Robochamps introduces kids to Coding and Robotics and their applications in the day-to-day life. We are walking towards achieving the need of the hour and bring innovation and creativity to our education patterns. And, this cannot be achieved successfully without the valuable participation and contribution of our Education Administrators and students.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”

Our mission

Our mission is to introduce Robotics in every school across India to edify children during the very initial years of their lives.

Our vision

Our vision is to give students innovative and creative ways to learn in order to boost their enthusiasm about education and confidence about their skills.


We are dedicated to transform 15 million kids by the year 2022.

We are committed to our work and our work is committed to ethics.

Our utmost preference is to deliver quality results and for that “keep improving” is the key for us.

We put so much effort and investment in our team and hence, we are proud to call them as the experts of their skills.

Staying true to the statements of our mission and vision, we are committed to transform our young minds, and we do this with

Our Team

Akshay Ahuja


Rajesh Batra

Creative Director

Sheena Sharma


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