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This programme is based on Coding where kids will be learning coding concepts and will create apps which can be published on Google play store.

Skills: Entrepreneur + Professional apps and games, cryptography. Create an animation using code, design an app, games, chatbots, chat apps and web page

Increase logical skills by 60% develop analytical-thinking skills, enhances problem-solving skills.

Software Skills: Code.org, Code for Life, Microsoft, MakeCode, Scratch, C Language, and C++ Language.

Projects: Games, Quiz Apps, Chatbots, Puzzle Apps, and many more.

Duration of Course: 1 Year

Number of live sessions: 96

Number of Assignments: 12

Course Curriculum

The Internet (3 Sessions)
Digital Transformation (4 Sessions)
Big Data and Privacy (4 Sessions)
Intro to Programming (4 Sessions)
Exploring PT Prep (2 Sessions)
Data Tools (2 Sessions)
Building Apps (6 Sessions)
Create PT Prep (3 Sessions)
Statements If And Else (3 Sessions)
Movements And Signals (3 Sessions)
Variables (4 Sessions)
Alorgithms & Copying in Scratch (3 Sessions)
Positioning (4 Sessions)
Clean Code ( 3 Sessions)
Quiz App,Game App,Own Choice App (Live Project)
Chat Bot, Tycoon Game (Live Project)
Chat Apps, Web Page (Live Project)
Fundamentals of C Language (4 Sessions)
Overview of C Language (3 Sessions)
Big Data Types in C Language (6 Sessions)
Variable in C Language (3 Sessions)
Constant in C Language (3 Sessions)
Operators and Enums in C Language( 5 Sessions)
Operators and Enums in C Language( 4 Sessions)
Decision Making of C Language ( 4 Sessions)
Statements If and Else ( 2 Sessions)
Control Flow in C Programming ( 2 Sessions)
Array in C Language (3 Sessions)
String Functions ( 4 Sessions)
Online Bank Management System (Live Projects)
Ticketing And Reservation System (Live Projects)
Tic Tac Toe Game (Live Projects)

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  • 30,000.00 17,700.00
  • 15 Days
  • 20 SEATS

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