Indian School Awards, 2018

Indian School Awards 2018 was the second edition and was witnessed by 200+ Principals and school authorities across the Country. Chitkara University hosted Indian School Awards 2018 Edition. Speakers from different part of the country from various fields contributed their knowledge.

International School Awards, Dubai, 2018

First Edition of International School Awards, 2018 was hosted by Le-Meridian Hotel, Dubai where 500+ School authorities from different 40 countries were part of it. Speaker like Dr, Attullah Wahidyar, Education Minister, Afghanistan, Maurice-D-Hond, Founder, Steve Jobs School, Netherlands and such kind of speaker jogged to contribute among Education.

International School Awards, Global, 2019

After the success of Indian School Awards we launched International School Awards, Global at was hosted by Chitkara University where school authorities from different 20 countries witnessed this event and did collaboration with each other for their growth.

Indian School Awards, 2019

Third Edition of Indian School Awards was hosted by BML Munjal University, Gurgaon Campus and it was witnessed by 240+ School authorities across the Country. Speakers form various field graced the event and Chief Guest, Ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra graced the event.

International School Awards, Dubai 2019

Second Edition of ISA Dubai was hosted by Amity University, Dubai campus and it was witnessed by 300+ Educators from the whole World. Learning through events keep on growing and increasing. We received 10k+ applications for this event.

International School Awards, Global, 2022

Latest Edition of International School Awards was hosted by Chitkara University with amazing love form Educators across the World through Virtual and Physical. After Covid this was the grand event in Education sector Globally

The Child Prodigy 2021 Edition

The Child Prodigy is an event where we appreciate kids those who are doing unbelievable things at young age. Received 20K plus applications across the Country and witnessed by 100 Prodigies across the Country. Event was hosted by Hayat Regency, Chandigarh

The Child Prodigy 2022, Edition

he Second Edition of The Child Prodigy was witnessed by 130+ prodigies across the Country. The event was hosted by Shemrock School, Mohali and it was graced by MLA, Ludhiana. The event was appreciated by lot of inspiring parents.

World’s Largest Robotics Classroom

We created our first World Record where 1300 kids from across India created Line Following Robot together and event was supported by Times of India and witnessed by Kautilya Pandit aka Google Boy. The event was supported by Haryana Government as well 

World’s Largest Virtual Classroom

The second World Record was created virtually during Covid where 4200 kids attended the Virtual Classroom of Coding from across the World. This was created in association with World Book of Records, London