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Through our tidal journey , I learnt 3 C
COURAGE – to do something out of the box
CONVICTION – to do it doesn’t matter whatever it takes
CONSISTENCY – of doing it continuously and improving with changing times


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1 Establishment

Robochamps was established in 2016 with a strong vision of transforming the current education system into more practical and hands-on learning experience
Akshay Ahuja , realized Robotics and Coding learning was missing from current Education System of India. Although they are most essential for 21st century

2 Voyage

Our Voyage began with “Robo Quad Robotics Club” an initiative to teach robotics to college students.
A young gun of 8 years, enrolled with us voluntarily and he learnt the Robotics and Coding better than college students.
History repeats itself …….everything great was invented by accident . Be it The Light Bulb, Gravity, Telephone etc.
For us, it was this young kid who made us realize about current generation of kids:
🡪 grasping modern things faster
🡪 eagerness to learn futuristic technology
🡪 more interested in practical knowledge
🡪 innovative thinking reaching Exosphere
🡪 born ready for future
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3 Working Model

Finally when Robochamps laid its foundation, we focused on schools and to invite maximum schools we organized INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARDS, Dubai in 2018 and 2019

We got mind boggling revert from schools because we showed them the importance of Robtics and coding in future

4 Success

From 1 student to 1lac students , no money to pay rent to having 50 employees, We faced many difficulties but that determination of doing it, at any cost was high as Mt.EVEREST and still is!!!
Our other initiatives in 2021
The Child Prodigy- where we recognize top 100 kids with extraordinary talent

World’s Largest Summer Camp

Code Error 404 - An International Coding Championship giving prizes worth 1Cr. To winners

World’s Largest Coding Classroom registered in Guinness book of World Record

We are continuously providing courses with other things related to the preparation of kids for the future and career
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